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There can be more to body building than just lifting weights.

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Many young people grow up with martial arts as one of ...

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It takes some people many years of hard training

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The Founding Headmaster of Iwama Shin-Shin Aik ...

Weapons in Iwama Aikido:

The main weapons of traditional iwama aikido consist of ...

127cm stick (Jo), Wooden sword (Ken/Bokken/Bokuto/Daito), Long knife (Tanken), Short knife (Tanto), Shuriken, Spear (Yari), Japanese pole blade (Naginata), Rifle (Juken) and Hand gun (Kenju) which most of aikido schools and styles don’t know how to use them and therefor do not use them.
In Iwama Aikido style unlike the other styles of Aikido, training with weapon is as important as free hand trainings and it considers really momentous.
Morihiro Saito Sensei which is founder of traditional aikido, with his superiority over other scholars of Osensei over aikido knowledge and this fact that he has a proficiency in weapons, he started to teach weapon techniques especially stick and sword under the name of “Aiki Ken” and “Aiki jo”.
The real spirit of defense and challenge which describes in aikido stands on knowing defensive techniques against weapons and not only free hand techniques or some exhibitory techniques with weapons.

Written by: Mohammad Arabsorkhi sensei

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